The Causes And Cons Of Internet Addiction

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An increasing problem in the United States is the addiction of internet usage. You may ask what internet addiction is. According to Shaw and Black, “Internet addiction is characterized by excessive or poorly controlled preoccupations, urges or behaviors regarding computer use and internet access that lead to impairment or distress.” The advancement of technology allows for humans to use their smart phones, tablets, computers, and other devices whenever they want to. This allows for easy access to the internet. Some wireless carriers have unlimited data which allows people to connect to social media, the internet, and stream music wherever they may please.
I have noticed that people cannot do many daily tasks nowadays without their phones in
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They hide behind a computer screen in order to post things that they would not regularly say if they were in the same presence as the person. This causes cyber bullying to some people. People feed off of this and use the internet more because of this.
I have observed people around campus the last couple of days and have realized that people on a college campus use their phones for many different reasons. I have seen people in my classes using their phones to look up information for class discussions, projects, and seminars. Almost every time I see someone walking around campus I see them with their head down and their phone in hand. I have seen other people that use their phones for social media which brings up a whole new subject.
Even teachers are making students use technology more. While I was in high school, my teacher used a paperless classroom system. We did all of our assignments online and took all of our quizzes and test online as well. I kind of liked the way the class was ran but this just encouraged students to use more and more technology. One of my Campbell professors uses this same system. We log in with our phones and do the rest of our work on the computers throughout the class period. Many students get side tracked from their assignments because they are tempted to check their social media

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