Internet Addiction Assessment

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It is important to generally evaluate a problem with various assessment tools as applicable and available as possible. In the same way, it is important to do make use of proper assessment tools in order to weigh the effect of Internet addiction, and follow accordingly to resolve the addictive behavior. According to Laconi et al. (2014), the “increasing research interest in Internet addiction has led to the development of numerous scales assessing this disorder” (p. 191). In order to assess Internet addiction, medical professionals and others all over the world are using numerous assessment tools that are theoretically based on other kind of behavioral problems such as pathological gambling, substance dependence, etc. (p. 193). Furthermore, …show more content…
The first thing that should be done is to study the causes of the Internet addiction that occur in a timely manner. Since most children grow up with learning to use the Internet, it is essential to teach them the proper ways to use the Internet to solve various problems. Along with that, young adults must be taught about how a computer works from an early age, so that they will know exactly what they are using and how it processes. The most vital part of teaching children from an early age is to use the Internet along with essential time management. In the same way, the educational field is a vital part, and every single student must be taught how to use the Internet with keeping the track of time. Otherwise, there is always a risk of finding those innocent young adults being victimized by the Internet addiction. Hence, every school should consider offering programs or workshops focused on teaching students proper management time while using the Internet. This solution is one of the most crucial steps or solutions that should be taken immediately towards combating the rising concern of Internet

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