Essay The Case Study Of Bess

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The Case Study of Bess
Olivia Turmes, Marissa Wendt, Tim Staska
Alexandria Technical and Community College

A. Diagnosis by Axis’ Axis I:
1. 300.3 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
2. Substance Abuse: Alcohol and Sleeping pills
Axis II: None
Axis III: None
Axis IV: Her parents’ divorce. Mothers cleaning impulses and rituals. Her use of alcohol and sleeping pills. Termination of her pregnancy.
Axis V: Current GAF: 40-70

B. Confounding Variables
There was only one variable that interfered with the conclusion of the case. The main
Diagnosis of Bess was Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. An atypical behavior that she experienced during the duration of her disorder was her interest in erotic fantasies. Her sexual fantasies happened when she was an adolescent, and were, at times, unsurpassable. She was only able to overcome these tendencies by engaging in repetitive sexual intercourse, becoming pregnant, and then having a forced abortion.

C. Nature of Problem
Bess was a 27 year old woman. She lived by herself and had few friends. She was an accountant for an extensive manufacturing company. Bess was an only child, and her parents got divorced when she was ten years old. She was raised by her mother for much of her youth. Her mother had a very demanding parenting style. She was always focusing on how Bess could better herself. Her mother was an impulsive sanitizer and was repulsed by the uncleanliness of the bathroom. Bess’ father was rarely present, but she…

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