Psychological Disorders In The Film Black Swan

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The film, Black Swan, contained many examples of psychological disorders that are represented in the DSM-5. In the film, Nina Sayers is picked to become the swan queen of the dance recital, Black Swan. Nina’s psychological state of mind tends to diminish after earning her role as the swan queen. After examining Nina’s role in the film, her behavior suggests that she may be suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia.
Nina Sayers is a shy and frigid girl. She is a member of a ballet company in New York City. The company holds an audition for the piece, Black Swan, under a sexually aggressive director. The variation of the piece requires Nina Sayers to be both, the black and white swan. This causes stress to Nina because her personality is different
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Nina had many experiences of visual hallucinations. The first hallucination was when Nina was on the subway. She believed to see herself on another train and getting off at a different stop. This is unusual because it was impossible for her to see herself in another location. Nina has another visual hallucination while in her bedroom. Nina was participating in masturbation and become afraid when she saw a woman sitting, in the corner of her room, watching her. Later she realizes that there was no one else in the room with her. Another example of a visual hallucination is when Nina went to go take a bath. In this scene, Nina is relaxing in her bathtub but is frightened by an unknown women bleeding into her bath …show more content…
In all Nina’s hallucinations, the film showed her trying to grasp an idea of what happened. She was always confused on what really occurred. This adds a continuous disturbance to Nina’s everyday life. In the DSM-5, in order to meet criteria for Schizophrenia, the individual must have a disturbance or decreased level of functioning in major areas. Major areas would include work, school, interpersonal relationships and so forth. Nina had troubles focusing on her ballet routines and her condition affected her interpersonal relationships. As Nina’s symptoms got worse, so did her relationship with her mom. In the beginning of the film, Nina and her mother shared a close bond. After Nina started experiencing hallucinations and delusions, she blocked her mother out of her life. Nina and her mother started getting into more arguments and difficult situations that made the household unstable.
Black Swan had many scenes that portrayed Nina as having diminished emotional expressions. Diminished emotional expressions are a negative symptom of schizophrenia. The person’s range of emotional expression is clearly diminished, even in emotional situations. A person with this negative symptom may experience reduced eye contact and less expressive speech. For example, when Nina won the role of Swan Queen, she showed little to no emotional response. She worked very hard for the position but her

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