Essay on The Case Of Wayne Williams

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Upon reviewing the facts of the1981 case of Wayne Williams, also known as the Atlanta Child Murders , the information obtained during the investigation indicates Williams, then 22 was not originally a suspect as original theories indicated the perpetrator was a white male as blacks were not considered to fit the profile of serial killers during this time. However, after further investigation, it was concluded that the perpetrator had to be black to move throughout the community invisibly (Atlanta Child Murders, 2014). The "summer of death", thought to have begun in July of 1979 with the homicide of two Atlanta youth Edward Smith and Alfred Evans, both found together under a bush, though they disappeared separately, ended May 1981 with the death of Nathaniel Cater and arrest of Wayne Williams some 22 months and 27 male victims later.

William’s would become a person of interest after a late night drive placed him on the James Jackson Parkway Bridge which crosses over the Chattahoochee River. Williams’s presence at this location at “02:50 a.m. on 22 May 1981” (Atlanta Child Murders, 2014) coincides with the last night of joint forces steak-out of area bridges in the Atlanta area and the subsequent location of the body of Nathaniel Cater. On this night Williams is observed slowly driving the family’s white station wagon across the bridge after a report of a loud splash was heard entering the water below by then police recruit Bob Campbell, and upon observing vehicle brake…

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