Medgar Evers A Hero's Life Analysis

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Weil, Ann. Medgar Evers. Capstone, 2013. American Biographies. EBSCOhost, Weil, Ann is the author who wrote this source. This source is about who Medgar Evers is and how he fought for freedom. Evers, a black american, fought to the idea of “racial justice”. Medgar evers assassination made him one of the first martyers of the civil rights movement. This also explains his work to secure rights for black people inspired fear and hatred among white racists. Medgar was inspired by his experiences and decided to bring his civil rights movement to Mississippi. NAACP was started in 1909, white didn’t like the verbal …show more content…
and R.D. Turner wrote this source of “Reopening of Case Revives Interest in Medgar Evers Assassination."This is a bibliography of “ A Hero’s Life”. This source is about Myrlie Evers, who was her husband’s full time secretary in the Jackson NAACP office and his staunchest supporter, the struggle continues. A former commissioner of the Los Angeles Board of Public Works, she looks forward to the day when little children, black and white, will sing his praises and live his dream. The reopening of the Medgar Evers murder case after so many years is an event of great significance. The Black community, which has longed to .see the perpetrators of this murder most foul brought to book, sees the reopening as au overdue effort to serve justice. All Americans, however, have a stake in the case. Justice for all is threatened when justice is not done for some. The society which caunot or will not find, prosecute aud punish the killers of Black people is not truly committed to justice. And a society without a real commitment to justice is not safe for anyone. Significantly, the reopening of the case demonstrates the resolve of the state of Mississippi to free itself of the burden it has borue for such a long time. It is said that new evidence has become

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