Essay The Case Of Regina V. Kennedy

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According to the case of Regina v. Kennedy (No2), the evidence suggests that the incident was on the 10th September 1996. The case was tried in the House of Lords on 17 October 2007. Under the surveillance of five judges, who headed by Lord Bingham of Cornhill, they had the obligation to investigate and solve the case involving the administration of a drug and a manslaughter. In depth, the protagonists were living in a hostel for homeless people in London. Marco Bosque, the victim, shared a room with Andrew Cody. Simon Kennedy, the defendant, also lived in the hostel. Both victim and defendant were drug addicts. The day of the incident, Kennedy visited the room of Bosque, where he was drinking with Cody. According to Cody, the victim told Kennedy that he wanted “a bit to make him sleep”. Therefore, Kennedy prepared a syringe of heroin and gave it to him ready for injection. Thereafter, the deceased voluntarily injected himself and returned the empty syringe back to the defendant. Bosque was found not breathing, so they called an ambulance to transfer him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The cause of his death was inhalation of gastric contents which became from acute intoxication generated from drugs and alcohol.

Judgments can be easily misinterpreted with a lack of minor details, which distort the whole view. Particularly, in Kennedy’s case, the conviction of two counts of offences, supplying a class-A drug and a manslaughter, was controversial. Simon…

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