The Case Of Brand New Ips Offering Evolving Game Design Essay

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Deus Ex, a game series that has been revered as one of the greatest RPGs of all-time, has a new chapter released to fans and newcomers alike. To be fair, Deus Ex is really the only game to reach the status of being groundbreaking while its successors dished out solid, yet not as innovative, gameplay. This puts Mankind Divided in a difficult situation. In the wake of brand new IPs offering evolving game design, Mankind Divided faces a difficult road of living up to the Deus Ex name. Does it succeed? Well, yes and no.


The fundamentals of Mankind Divided 's gameplay is stealth action with RPG elements. These elements are placed as Augmentations. You see Adam Jensen, the player character, is an augmented (a human surgically implanted with mechanical bodyparts) capable of superhuman feats. This includes abilities such as super strength, hacking, high jump ability, see thru walls, etc. The game will have you traversing the streets of Prague in search of information, money, items, and sidequests. You are able to interact with almost any object in the game. To top that off, the game throws so much detail into its world, I was initially left staggered with the amount of interaction in the field. The streets of Prague serve as your downtime and it is time well-spent, should you look in the right places.


The meat of the gameplay kicks in when you are tasked with infiltrating the game 's many hostile grounds and areas. Here, the level of freedom skyrockets…

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