The Career Goal Of Mine Essay

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In the future, a career goal of mine is to become a clinical psychologist. At this point, I may be interested in specializing in adolescent or child psychology or studying general clinical psychology. Regardless of which route I choose, further education is needed. Although this is the case, a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University Nebraska in psychology and behavioral science will help facilitate a basic understanding and education of the field of psychology. A degree from Concordia also offers a liberal arts education, which makes a future professional in any field more well rounded and suited for the challenges of everyday life. Since I have future goals of becoming a clinical psychologist, an occupation that requires a Ph.D., the jobs and organizations discussed throughout this paper will reflect these educational outcomes.
UT Southwestern Medical Center UT Southwestern Medical Center currently has a job opening as a clinical/counseling psychologist in Dallas, Texas, in an outpatient psychiatry clinic. The full-time position has a primary task of providing outpatient therapy to individuals primarily dealing with depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, and complications of medical comorbidities. Candidates must be experts in providing therapy to adults of all ages. Those who possess experience in treating specific symptoms or providing specific diagnoses will be given additional weight in consideration. In addition to providing outpatient therapy, one would…

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