Empiricism In Psychology

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Psychology derives from philosophy and thus relies on the combination of rationalism and empiricism (Hergenhahn, 2009). Although it needs to be data driven to ensure that results are reliable, explore other states of the psychological field is equally useful. Taking this into consideration, some methods include both concepts and are most promising for the future of psychology. Areas such as positive psychology have used this approach. Studies are empirically validated while researchers explore distinctive characteristics of human nature, such as gratitude. An array of research on individual characteristics aimed at making individuals reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy is necessary. Our field should focus on self-actualization, reaching a …show more content…
We must begin to reach a more personal psychology through teaching methods that promote self-actualization. There are many focuses in the field, ranging from a more mechanistic point of view, such as behavioral neuroscience, to a more client centered and circumstantial branch of counseling. Regardless of the field, every psychology major should acquire basic skills during their undergraduate career. In our current undergraduate teachings, we focus too much on research. We are forcing psychology students to immerse themselves into creating innovative studies that will help them in their careers. This can create stress. For example, if a student does not focus on research that will help the field know more about a certain aspect, the likelihood of moving along in the field of psychology by gaining admission into graduate school is lower. During the undergraduate years, students should seek courses that help them gain more insight about themselves and the individuals around them. Universities should encourage us as students to seek relationships and communicate effectively with our peers and faculty. During my experience, I have not learned more about myself or gained many relationships with my peers and faculty. The focus of my educational career revolves around designing an effective study instead of the best ways to communicate with a client. If we do learn these aspects, we reference old studies instead of getting out of our comfort zone and practicing this ourselves during class. The future of psychology should integrate both modes of teaching. We should learn about previous research, such as effective techniques and their theories, as well as performing them in our courses. This will build confidence not only in our knowledge, but in our abilities. In addition, in order to gain more confidence in our field, students should be required to explore internships in

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