The Canadian International Pharmacy Association Essay

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The Canadian International Pharmacy Association supports these numbers as they report filing prescriptions for great than a million Americans every year. This also supports the notion that more people than is realized are already buying their prescription pharmaceutical abroad, because not everyone is getting their drugs from Canada.
Ensuring safe and effective prescription drugs for all Americans is the central mission of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the agency charged with regulating prescription drugs in the United States (FDA Mission Statement). Thus, it is illegal, with few exceptions for individuals to import prescription drugs into the United States for personal use. The ideology behind it is that the FDA cannot ensure the safety of Drugs it has not approved. FDA, however, has a policy explaining that it typically does not object to personal imports of drugs that FDA has not approved under certain circumstances, including the following situation:
• The drug is for use for a serious condition for which effective treatment is not available in the United States;
• There is no commercialization or promotion of the drug to U.S. residents;
• The drug is considered not to represent an unreasonable risk;
• The individual importing the drug verifies in writing that it is for his or her own use, and provides contact information for the doctor providing treatment or shows the product is for the continuation of treatment begun…

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