The Campaign Of Ted Cruz 's Plan That Will Save America Essay examples

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Of all of the presidential candidates running for president, Ted Cruz has the plan that will save America. America is in a state of turmoil with economic downturn and job loss to illegal immigrants, a broken tax system, and the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Barack Obama promised change in 2008, but no economic recovery has been evident, jobs have been continuously lost, and he has dismissed the threat of ISIS and saying that the U.S. “is making significant progress defeating them” (Riley 1) We need tax reform, job creation, and a strong military that will defend our nation. Ted Cruz has promised all this and more.

Ted Cruz’s first step is to secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico to prevent continued loss of jobs to illegal immigrants. He will not let the ones here go unpunished either, as he has proven before when he coalesced conservatives all over the country to defeat the gang of eight bill This will be done by building a wall, increasing the number of border patrol agents, and increasing the use of E-Verify to prevent people from continuing to stay on overstayed Visas. He will also work to deport those who are already here illegally whenever they are detected by E-Verify, and will not even consider amnesty policies. Mr. Cruz will also end sanctuary city policies and demand they turn in known illegal immigrants. The Middle East, however, bears another crisis.

The threat of ISIS has loomed in Iraq and Syria since 2014, and since then they have captured much…

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