The Building Supply Centers Is A Family Run Building Supplies Retail Store

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McCoy Building Supply Centers is a family run building supplies retail store that has been operating successfully for many years. The company’s premise and principles is based on outstanding customer service which includes selling the best quality products and serving its customers well. McCoy Building Supply Centers also has a deeply ingrained cultural belief and are strongly committed to the community in which it served. The company’s owners and operators are Christians and they portray this belief by the way they conduct their business. McCoy 's adheres to a long-standing decision to remain closed on Sundays. Despite what some would view as an inconvenience for not getting the chance to shop on a Sunday, McCoy’s customer did not seem to have a problem. This was evident by the fact that the company was doing good economically. The company’s chief executive officer stated that, their employees appreciate being a part of a company that allows them dependable time each week to attend worship services. The company’s culture also allows its employees to spend time with their families on major holidays which include; New Year 's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Customer service is an integral component to running a successful business. It involves interacting with the customers, helping them find products, greeting them with a smile or even taking their merchandise to their vehicles. Taking care of the customers in a polite,…

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