The Breastfeeding Of Infant Feeding Essay

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Breastfeeding has existed since humans have inhabited the earth. Depending on the time period you lived, it could have also been considered either good or bad to breastfeed. Throughout history there have been three primary ways to feed an infant; breastfeeding, bottle and formula and wet nursing. Breastfeeding through time has remained the medically preferred method of infant feeding. (1) For as long as breastfeeding has been around, bottle feeding has been in existence as well. 4000 years old clay pots have been found from ancient civilizations. “Europeans around the time of the Renaissance outfitted cows ' horns with leather nipples, while small vessels with elaborate china patterns or crafted in pewter or silver were used in the 18th and 19th Centuries. (2) For certain medical reasons mothers were not able to breast feed children. Reasons could be anything from the mother died at birth, stopped lactating or had some other form of health care problem that stopped them from breast feeding. Since then, babies have been wet nursed or bottle fed. Bottle feeding has been an experiment from the beginning. Cow horns and clay pots were some of the earliest “bottles”. Crass bottles and issues with cleanliness were written about through the Roman Era, Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. It was not until the Industrial Revolution that a refined, hygienic feeding bottle became available. (1) Another common feeding device found through Europe in the 16th to 18th centuries is called a…

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