Essay about The Book ' Eckles '

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Eckles is characterised to the readers as an arrogant, selfish and naïve coward who stupidity and lack of understanding ends in ruin. The first time the readers get the chance to properly see what kind of man Eckles is when instead of greeting the man behind the desk and handing him the check of ten thousand dollars he waves it around like some representation of wealth. The first time Eckles demonstrated his selfish views was when Travis explains to him how killing a single mouse can change the future and he replies with “so what” this is a clear representation of his selfishness he doesn’t care if the mouses are dead because he isn’t one therefore their lives are not a concern. This is just like how he has no concern for the other hunters and guides in the beginning he asked “Does this safari guarantee I come back alive?” Eckels clearly only cares for his life and not that of others. This clearly leads the readers to have a negative view about him and his way of thinking.

The significance of the books title “A Sound of Thunder” in the novel is that thunder occurs during a storm or bad weather but the thunder is not the problem, but the disaster it can bring is.In A Sound of Thunder the risk of someone going of the path and causing a disaster was always possible but not imminent it just took Eckles and his selfish and stupid actions to change everything. The word “A Sound of Thunder” also appears twice in the novel once to describe the sound of the gun shooting and…

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