The Bond Of A Family Essay

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The Bond in a Family My mom had my sister when she was 21, to a man that left her early in parenthood. She was a single mother raising my sister, and working two jobs- for 10 years straight. Then she gave birth to me when she was 33; in a Clinton hospital, on July 23rd, 1997. My sister and father were there by my mom’s side when she was in labor. It is times like those that bring families together. The addition of a new family member or even the loss of an experienced family member seamlessly bonds people together. Other things that can bring families together are holidays. Holidays are times of family get togethers where people get to socialize and connect with each other. It’s a time where everybody in the family is really all together out of the whole year.
Watching Parenthood made me think about all of the the similar situations that I had with my family when compared to the movie. During holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving when I’m with my family, I see some people that I haven’t seen since the last holiday reunion. Of course, when we all settle down to watch the traditional A Christmas Story, all of the little kids would be running around the house with their new Barbies or Legos chasing each other and occasionally interrupting the movie. Then there would be those awkward confrontations with some family members that have either just got out of prison or they have divorced their spouse, regardless, they’re still family. Recently, during the Fourth of July, my…

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