The Systemic Dimensions Of Family Analysis

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The Systemic Dimensions of Family
If the family is the genesis of all of our struggles with self, then the family should be where solutions are fostered and created. Family of origin issues linger, even your family isn’t around. Family of origin issues influence the way we proceed with life, and while individuals can achieve great things with a dysfunctional family of origin, true changes to the dynamic spread from the individual to the rest of the family system. Self-differentiation within the system removes old and worn roles that family assigns, allowing family of origin issues to be managed or eliminated for every member involved.
In each of the three films, Educating Rita, Step Mom, and On Golden Pond, the families change how they are
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This change occurs when he is left with Norman and Ethel for a month. While there, Billy Jr. fosters a relationship with Norman, not allowing the older man’s frank nature and tough exterior to dissuade him. When the old ways of relating do not work, Norman’s confusion and uncertainty take center stage. As Norman and Billy Jr. spend time together, they find better ways to relate to each other, while building a sense of trust and companionship. Seeing this upon her return, Chelsea is angry and jealous at what she sees between Billy Jr. and her father. Seeing that her father is capable of this shift in dynamic gives her the confidence to change how she relates to him. Upon seeing how affectionate her father could be, Chelsea is able to let go of old family patterns of distrust and disappointment, and embrace Norman as her father. While Norman appears to be the problem in his family’s structure, it is clearly both his and Chelsea’s hesitance to let go of these old roles that they had played for so long that halted family growth. Chelsea was only able to solve the issues within her own family of origin by being present in that system.
While changes can be small, the ones that are presented for each of these families are not. The flexibility of a family is genuinely tested when the dynamic shifts dramatically, like in the case of divorce. In the film Step Mom, Luke and Jackie practice disengagement from each other,
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This is true for many families, where a member decides to remove the physical reminder of their family of origin. This hinders Susan; so many people are unable to remove the painful reminders of their family of origin issues because it is something that lives internally. Creating new and meaningful ways to relate to others goes deeper, to the root of where the problems begin, the family. Making superficial changes doesn 't work because familiar behavior from the family triggers many to return to the same patterns and routines that cause so much

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