Courageous Movie Analysis

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Courageous is a Christian movie about the value of fatherhood within family. Within this movie, the world is expressed as a world where there is joy and pain at the same time. Life itself is very valuable to the people and even through struggles and pain, it is important to move forward. A large factor of their strength is found in religion, through relying on God and His provision. The primary focus of this movie is on the role of a father as the leader of the family. I found this very interesting because of the responsibility given to the father. The father must provide financially, physically, and many times spiritually for the family. The ontology of this movie is very similar to the life we live in today. Because of this, it is easy to relate to the elements of the movie. Family is largely valued …show more content…
Throughout the movie, the father is portrayed as the one who provides in many ways. This was appealing to me philosophically because of the loyalty of the father and the submission of the family. Why does the father have to the family? Why does the family need a leader? Why do we need leaders at all in life? These questions all relate and can be better understood by looking at religion and God. Christians believe they cannot walk in the right direction without the guidance of God somehow in their life. In the same way, the father is able to lead the family through many aspects of life. Without this vital piece of the family, they would collapse because there is no direction and provision. Life is simple is no questions are asked, but life is understood if the right questions are asked. When we look at the true role of the father, we see how essential it is to the wellbeing of the family. As we see in culture today, families without a father are not complete or fully flourishing. This element in the movie is an overlooked reality which is essential to the well being of

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