The Bluestone River Runs Through A Micropolitan Area Of Bluefield, Virginia And West Virginia

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The Bluestone River runs through a micropolitan area of Bluefield, Virginia and West Virginia. One of it’s flood gaging stations is located in the unincorporated community of Falls Mills which is named after a mill and natural dam in Bluestone River. The natural dam reaches twenty feet high and spans several hundred feet, which forms a lake that is more than a mile wide. The lake and river was once the setting of a summer resort or retreat area, where one could go boating, swimming, fishing, camping, and staying in cabins. Now residents still enjoy fishing primarily, as the lake is maintained, cleaned, and stocked by the Falls Mills Fishing Club. The Bluestone River is also maintained and monitored by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for river and flood activity. Throughout the following will explore and discuss Bluestone River in the following: Falls Mills urbanization and flood effects, and Bluestone River features and resources. The community in which Bluestone River runs through, has been an historical site such as battles in the Civil War, but has also been a place for urbanization as well. Falls Mills is in the county of Tazewell in the micropolitan area of Bluefield, Virginia and West Virginia with a population of 107,578. The area of Falls Mills is mountainous and has many hills in which most of the population lives in low areas, in which is more subtle to rainfall and flooding. The area seems to experience what is called a 100 year floods, in which…

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