The Biology Of The Race Problem By Dr. Wesley Critz George Essay

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The following is a review of The Biology of the Race Problem by Dr. Wesley Critz George. It is a report prepared by the Commission of the Governor of Alabama in 1962. My comments are enclosed in brackets. I have provided references to pages in his book and have enclosed them in parentheses. Although the report does not include page numbers, for the convenience of the reader, the page numbers of the pdf version have been added to quoted material and summarized and are included in parentheses. George’s report was written in response to school desegregation orders of federal courts. It is a concise, cogent, convincing argument. The information presented is correct. Therefore, this review contains many quotations from his report with some summaries. Only a few commentary remarks have been added, and these mostly support George’s arguments. George briefly overviews the Supreme Court’s desegregation decision, Brown vs. Board of Education. “Support for that decision and adherence to or rejection of the programs that it imposes should be based upon the most complete and reliable knowledge and understanding that it is possible to obtain” (p. 5). [Proponents of this decision base their support mostly on Marxist egalitarian emotionalism. Although many opponents based their opposition on emotionalism, many base theirs on science and history.] He notes, “There is no record that the Court or the Federal government has at any time sought to get that knowledge and understanding, although…

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