The Bible Are Books Of Judgment And Punishment Essay

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As we reach the end of the Old Testament, we also reach the Minor Prophets which cover the books of Hosea to Malachi. The prophetic books of the Bible are books of judgment and punishment. They also cover and illustrate the issues of idolatry, social injustices and religious ritualism. Even now in the 21st century these issues still apply to us and we can learn things from the teachings of the prophets. A man named Amos prophesized in Israel during a time of prosperity for the nation; “unfortunately, this economic prosperity also brought spiritual apathy and moral decline” (The Essence of the Old Testament, 384). During this time, the “northern kingdom began to worship calf idols shortly after breaking away from Judah and the Jerusalem temple” (The Essence of the Old Testament, 394). Idolatry can be defined as worshiping anything that is man made or materialistic. Instead of worshiping the one and only true God, Israel worshiped a false god bringing dishonor to the King of Kings. God used Amos to warn the nation to repent and turn back from their sin because God was judging the nation for their sins. God was upset with the people of Israel because despite His commandments, they chose to disobey him, “The people of Israel will be crushed and broken by my judgment because they are determined to worship idols” (Hosea 5:11, NLT). God also used the prophet Hosea’s life as a comparison to teach Israel about being unfaithful. God commanded Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman who…

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