The Best Trips Of My Life Essay

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It was one of the best trips of my life. Who wouldn’t want to go camping with their best friend? No nagging parents, no annoying siblings, no responsibilities, and best of all, no cares. I was free from any ties for a week. I could finally relax.
It took quite a few hours to get there, but we made it to the campsite. It may not have been exactly what I had expected, but it was where I was going to have to live for the next week, unless I had strong enough legs to carry me home.
The campsite possessed endless, daring paths that were perfect to take with a golf cart that has seen better times. Their mini-golf course was the best that I have ever seen. It also had a driving range that proved that I really do suck at golf. It even had a pool that we later swam in while it was heavily raining.
Days went by, as well as fun that may also be classified as mischief, but it was still the most fun I had had in years. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to go new places and break new rules.
One morning, we received the news that we were farthing our trip to Lake Superior. We could freeze our tails off in the lake or walk along the beach while enjoying the view. Relaxing right? That’s what I thought too.
When we got there, the view was amazing. The lake stretched further than any small pond or river that kids used to play at in their backyards. There were dogs who fetched treats and fetched toys. Meanwhile, kids splashed, played, and dove into the water that was a bit on…

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