The Best Practices For Teaching Writing Essay

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According to a study done by Achieve Inc. in 2005, fifty percent of students that graduate high school are not prepared for college-level writing (Santrock, 2011, 370). While this lack of preparedness roots all the way back to the beginning of learning how to write, a great deal of knowledge about becoming a better writer can be learned in high school English classes if the teachers apply different writing techniques. In chapter eleven of John Santrock’s textbook Educational Psychology and Sharon Zumbrunn and Keegan Krause’s article “Conversations with Leaders: Principles of Effective Writing Instruction” many best practices for teaching writing are given in hopes to provide teachers with numerous ways to teach their students to become better writers.
Santrock discusses that writing skills contain more than just knowing about how to construct a sentence, but that students who understand grammar and syntax as a base, will have better skills when it comes to writing. Teachers often look over grammar because students are negative when it comes to learning the rules of grammar; however, knowing grammar is an extremely important skill for writing well. Santrock states there are different approaches to writing, cognitive and social constructivist. Within the cognitive approach, Santrock states that the following are essential for students to better their writing: “Planning, problem solving, revising, and metacognitive strategies” (Santrock, 2011, 371). For planning, educators…

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