The Benefits Of Paying College Athletes

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College athletes get scholarships from colleges to play sports. The athletes put in a lot of time and energy to play on a college level team. Weather they should be paid or not is the question. Pro athletes get money to play sports, so why shouldn’t the college athletes. A lot of college athletes get hurt playing sports which end up hurting their chances of going pro. The controversial topic of paying student athletes has been brought up many times by both the schools and students. The corporate sponsors, broadcasters, and even the NCAA are the ones that get all of the benefits of these kids playing their hearts out. During the NCCA basketball tournament the major broadcasting stations make more than one billion of these games. They can charge up to $700,000 for a 30 second ad. The conferences that these teams play in get a lot of money the more the further the teams go in the tournament. The coaches get bonuses if they keep winning and get deep in the bracket of teams. Why shouldn’t the players have the same option to get bonuses for the same reasons. They risk career ending injuries all the time. If they get hurt they don’t get any …show more content…
They would have to perform athletically and academically to the school’s expectations. The students would have consequences if they didn’t abide by the rules of the contract. The colleges would have to pay the students by the revenue of the sports and the skill of the athlete. The contracts would have to state that they can terminate them if they do anything that would be stated as grounds for termination. They could use contracts anywhere from one to four years. They would have to be open for negotiation if the student wants to go to the next level or if the student is not performing as well. If they would pay the athletes the college should be responsible for financially advising them. This would help fix the problems that could arise with all the money the students are

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