The Benefits Of Human Cloning

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Imagine a world where replacing a heart or liver as quickly as possible was as easy as shopping at the grocery store. A world where infertility was no longer a barrier in order to have a family. All of this, and much more, can be possible through using the cloning process on humans. This ability to duplicate an embryo is a power often considered as “Playing God”, thus frowned upon by most religions. Even though it is opposed by some out of fear of breaking either morale or human laws; human cloning grants many benefits including: medical advancement, help with infertility, and a stronger work force.
When the public thinks of cloning, they imagine an exact duplicate of a single human being. This is an image that has been influenced by media
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Advocate of human cloning, Amanda Tattum claims that “There is no morally significant difference between a fertilised egg in a petri dish in an IVF [in-vitro fertilisation] clinic, a cloned cell, and a skin cell: they could all be persons, with the application of modern technology". This statement could easily be manipulated to make the view-point that they are all pointless. The cloning process could help infertile couples by granting them with a child. In today’s time, technology is not powerful enough to allow for a perfect clone to be created, and the risk of multiple miscarriages could be more traumatic than not having the ability to reproduce. The process of cloning is simple; even though it can be risky with today’s …show more content…
This is only using desired traits to produce a child. The creation of designer babies is feared by both proponents and opponents of cloning. This type of cloning is irresponsible, and could lead to a potential weakened human race. If a race of “designer” children grow and reproduce, they could spread a weakened immune system. This flaw would leave the offspring of the “designed” susceptible to disease and infection. Although, if instead of creating designer children; if cloning is put towards medical use, advancement in the medical field would be unsurpassable.
As previously stated, by selectively growing organs medical professionals can operate on and study an unlimited supply of organs. This would lead to discoveries on more efficient ways to operate on and save organs. New operations, safer methods, faster invasive surgeries; all of this possible just by the use of cloning. Cloning grants us the doorway to a world of longer lives, and less fear of getting sick, or needing an organ. This is all possible, but could come at deadly risk if in the wrong

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