The Benefits Of Gaining Muscle

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Hello class, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

This week, studying the topic of the benefits of obtaining muscle for overall health, I just wanted to hit on a few topics that skirt just outside the course scope. Besides the four reasons given to us in the book, promoting the benefits of gaining muscle, I personally believe it goes a little deeper than just those four. The big one that first came mind is just that, mind. For many individuals, weight training is a source of therapy in the sense that it allows them to safely exert a days worth of frustration or aggression in a healthy way that benefits both the mind and body. Additionally, the act of building muscle often involves a public gym, which can offer a like minded community,
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What I mean by this is that, the benefits of improving strength and muscle mass should not be limited to a young, limber me. I thoroughly enjoy strength training, and for the unforeseeable future will continue to do so. If obsessive improvement of my performance in physical activities were to happen to the point I could potentially compromise my life-long goal of the continuation of body improvements, it would make all of this obsolete and useless. To elaborate, what would be to point of wanting to improve strength and lean mass if it was only for a finite time? This is what goes through my head when I know I shouldn 't attempt that last deadlift given the odd twinge in my lower back, it’s my system of checks and balances to ensure I can continually reap these benefits via strength …show more content…
What can routinely be contradictory with my third ranked benefit, this is the benefit that drives me to improve. After a long two months of training and finally adding an additional 20 lbs to a 1RM deadlift can be an extremely satisfying experience. Once being a larger, unhealthy individual, I can absolutely say that an increase in physical activity, by means of not becoming out of breath after walking up to the second floor is an absolute benefit.

As for now, I would like to think that this list caters to both my current and future strength training regimens. Like mentioned, I have my yearning for a body composition that is ideal to me, which is the underlying motivation for my strength training. But I guess years from now, much older and wiser, the benefits of improving muscle and bone strength via weight training will ultimately top my list. But for now, as long as I keep my distant future in mind, the cohesion of all four benefits will keep me physically and mentally sound to continue to do what I

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