The Benefits Of Birth Control Essay

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The Benefits of Birth Control Birth control is available to everyone, anyone can go to the store and get a type of birth control. Except for the more complex kinds of birth control, people have to go to the doctor to get a prescription. Without birth control, many women would become pregnant at a young age when they don’t want or can’t afford a baby. Often times this can lead an to abortion, which is the killing of an innocent baby for absolutely no reason. Birth control prevents sexually active people from becoming pregnant and should be available to everyone who might need it. There are two main types of birth control found in the United States. The difference is that one of these methods is permanent while the other is just temporary. The temporary method is a birth control pill. There are two main types of birth control pills the first contains only progestin while the second contains both progestin and estrogen. Not only do birth control pills prevent pregnancies, but they can also prevent women from getting pelvic inflammatory disease. The pills also give women a lower chance of getting cancer in the ovaries and in the lining of their uterus. It is also said that “Women on oral birth control are far less likely to form cysts on their ovaries than women who are not” (Steven 2). Cysts are like cavities in the skin filled with liquid. If the pill is taken every day or within a given period of time after intercourse there is only a three percent chance of…

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