The Benefit Of Knowing Your Students Essay

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“The Benefit of Knowing Your Students” Why does one decide to become a teacher. According to Hagstrom et al., ““teaching is like the ocean in that it covers most of the surface and seeps into much of what I will be doing” (Hagstrom et al., 2000, p. 25). My opinion on education is that the learning experience is different for everyone. As a teacher who is responsible for another generation. We should be very passionate about our job. Teachers should also understand how important their title and occupation is. Parents and students, trust the professional and teachers to help their child advance in learning as many different subjects as possible, such as personally and academically. Teachers should also communicate and get to know their students. This will give the teacher a better understand of how they can help the student learn better. The necessary tools for students to learn should be given to them efficiently by the teacher. Communicating and getting to know your student would also gain the trust and respect from the students. This will also help the environment in the class as well as boosting the student’s confidence. While practicing these strategies you may find that you will not have to chastise or lecture to the students. It helps prepare the student on how to behave, be mature and prepare them for adulthood. I think a teacher should be able to inspire a student and motivate them academically. Jill Ostrow a geology teacher further explains that, “the…

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