The Beloved Country By Alan Paton Essay

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The Importance of Family
Family serves as a support system, always there for each other when needed. Often family serves as the only thing a person may have, or the only support a person can rely on. In the contemporary literature novel Cry, The Beloved Country, Alan Paton uses parallelism to reveal the importance of family, especially in time of need.
Strong families work together to overcome diversity. When Kumalo finds out that Absalom will soon face trial, Kumalo takes the effort to find a lawyer, even though he has not seen his son in a very long time, which shows how Kumalo cares about his son. Although in the end, Absalom’s trial finds him guilty, Kumalo and Absalom share a few precious moments. When Kumalo sees his son for possibly the last time, the true fear of death shows as Paton writes, “for the boy [Absalom] is afraid of death” and that Kumalo felt “moved by deep compassion” to kneel by his son and run “his hand over his head” and tell him “be of courage my son” (Paton 241). After Kumalo tells Absalom to use bravery and to have courage, he hears his son tell him that he feels afraid, and the true importance of family in times of diversity shows. Paton uses the imagery of feelings such as compassion and sadness as well as the imagery as he feels Absalom’s head, to show the feelings passed between father and son in such times of diversity and struggle. When Absalom’s image seems as that of a criminal, his family supports him and sees his as more than a criminal.…

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