Powder Short Story Summary

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Powder In the short story “Powder”, the theme love is portrayed the most through deep connections between father and son. These two characters alone express bond that love can create between families. A father and son begin to drive through the snow storm until they are stopped at a road block by an officer. Love is first shown when the father stops to tell the son that they have to make it back in time for dinner so that the mom won’t feel let down once again as she has been lately. This is evident when he says, “she won’t forgive me. Do you understand? Never.”. This particular scene allows the reader to understand how upset it made the father to disappoint his son’s mother. His love for her and his son is so strong that it seemed as if it …show more content…
He finally decides to go against the officer’s wishes. At this point, the danger that can possibly be ahead could not stop them from making it home for Christmas Eve dinner. Once the officer moves from his post, the father and son proceed down the snowy roads. Their interaction is another symbolic representation of love. As the ride progressed, the father and son begin to discuss the greater qualities that they contain. The conversation begins with the son being told that he should not follow the actions of his father at this point in time. At first, the son is advised to not go against law enforcement and go down a dangerous path. Given the circumstances, of course the son would not think he would ever try to drive a perilous road in his life time. Then the father explains that one day his son will get his license and want to do things that he said he’d never do. This conversation branches off into the positive qualities that they see in each other. When the son asks what his strong points were, it becomes apparent that he was thought highly of. One of the qualities that the father points out is the ability for the son to think ahead. Then and there the child reminisces on the past when he used to do his school work ahead of time so he didn’t have to worry about it later on. He also explained how he numbered his hangers to ensure proper rotation. Having a quality like this allowed him to predict that there would be more officers on the other side of the road waiting on them to arrive. Shockingly, the father drives passed them and proceeds toward his destination. Looking at the relations between the father and son, the reader gets a better understanding of the message the author is trying to send. This particular scene portrays the love connection that is shared between father and son. A connection between two family members are meant to have a strong bond. The fact that they are speaking highly of each

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