Essay about The Battle Of The Civil War

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Division of the Union was the main cause of the Civil War. Regardless of the political stance, or the argument of what the motives that led to this division was, the fundamental cause of the separation in Confederacy and Union. Many historians agree that the cause slavery itself, however, some counterparts consider it to be westward expansion.
After the Louisiana Purchase, many states were settled with the Missouri Compromise -the compromise established to momentarily calm the issues on slavery-. The Mexican-American War that gave such an extensive portion of land to the United States used to be a controversy amongst the people since some of them did not want to fight another war, as established in Document 7 and 8 on the war messages. After the Mexican-American War, and consequently the annexation of those territories taken from Mexico; the question on what to do with new territories concerning slavery came back to the surface. Western expansion commenced to make a distinction between races, given that it gave the “Anglo-Saxon” race a sense of superiority and power. Adding this new territory to the United States change the game for the Union since the debates on the issue on slave gained more momentum than the first years. David Wilmot proposed to prohibit slavery from all the new land in America, however, what is now known as the Wilmot Proviso did not succeed because the Senate -which contained both free and slave states representation- repealed it. California -found in…

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