Essay The Basic Beliefs Of Justice And Equality

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One of the joys of the human race is the capability of caring and treating other human beings with compassion. I believe that throughout humanity, the basic beliefs of justice and equality can be shared with others in society by giving back to others, working to share unique talents and goals. As a child, I dreamt of finding a cure to cancer, especially when I did not understand why cancer had to affect perfectly healthy and young people like my aunt. Overcoming the grief that was brought on by my aunt’s death at such a young age was a turning point in my decision to become a nurse. As I reflected on the times that I would visit my aunt in the hospital, surrounded by teams of doctors and nurses, the nurses in particular stood out to me. Not only did the nurses work endlessly caring for every one of my aunt’s needs, but they also worked with compassion and empathy to try to comfort my family and I during a time of grief. The interaction that the nurses brought through this time shed a light on the situation. As a nurse, I would like to mimic the actions and passion that the nurses had during this time of hardship. Nursing has also always run in my family, as if my family has “nursing blood”. Both my grandmother and aunt were nurses, and because of this, their passion for the profession spread to me. I feverously enjoyed listening to their many stories, and began to realize at a young age that it takes a special person to be a nurse. A nurse in my mind is someone who is…

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