Essay on The Banking Concept Of Education

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Have you ever sat row upon row, staring at the backs of other students, and being bored out of your mind? Have you ever stood up in front of a classroom of silent students and talked about a particular topic for an agonizing few hours? All you do is listen to the teacher without voicing your outlook. If you have, then you are aware with what Paulo Freire defines as the “banking concept of education” from his paper “The Banking Concept of Education”. He defines this concept as harmful to the educational system, due to no interactions between the student and teacher. The students will not be able to grasp the information in the same way that they could with debates and expression. How are the students going to be able to ask questions, contradict, and learn throughout this method? They cannot. Knowledge cannot happen with the banking method of teaching. To create a system with sustainable knowledge and learning, education must begin by breaking the conventional roles that the student and teacher possess.
From Freire’s descriptions of the banking concept, education is a way of disciplining and controlling the way people behave and learn in a classroom. In this system, the teacher becomes the narrator. Their role is to narrate education to the students. Freire explains that the students’ role is to just listen to the teacher. The teacher’s role of “Narration (with the teacher as narrator) leads the students to memorize mechanically the narrated account. Worse yet, it turns them…

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