Paulo Freire's Thesis Of The Banking Concept Of Education

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Paulo Freire goes in depth on what he calls the Banking Concept of Education. The thesis of the Banking Concept is “The contents, whether values or empirical dimensions of reality, tend in the process of being narrated to become lifeless and petrified.” I agree with Freire because school should not be about just memorization. Education needs to be a healthy relationship between pupil and teacher. Freire goes into detail about how the students are the containers and the teachers are the fillers. According to Freire educations today is about how much the student can memorize and recite. I agree with his statement because with personal experience in my life I believe that memorization is valued over the student that has to study for hours on end. The students who can memorize do not actually learn the material they learn the material, regurgitate, and forget except for a few cases. Paulo Freire goes on to say that the teacher makes “deposits” in the student instead of a relationship between student and teacher. This is where the Banking Concept comes from due to the way Paulo Freire uses the word deposit. In the Banking Concept according to Freire the meek students are the better students because they will not challenge …show more content…
The student has no desire to change the world to a better place as well as they only adapt to the world around them instead of changing it positivity. The Banking Concept of education is used by oppressors because the Banking Concept reduces creativity and individuality. It slowly takes away a persons’ humanity. Eventually the oppressed adapt to the situation and instead of trying to repair and change it they submit because they lack the creativity and individuality to make a positive change. To stop the influence of a Banking Concept the teacher or revolutionary needs to actively engage the students or oppressed and start to give them their creativity

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