Essay on The Ball State Men 's Volleyball Team

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Often times, as Americans, it is easy to take for granted some of the things that are offered in the United States. Most Americans do realize that foreigners and immigrants often come to the United States due to this belief that opportunities here are multitudinous and diverse and I don’t disagree with the belief. However, I believe that as Americans, it is assumed that by the opportunities that these foreigners speak of are strictly job-related, when that’s not true. It goes beyond jobs all the way to simpler means of living, faster access to emergency services, quality educations, and much more. As I interviewed a fellow teammate here on the Ball State Men’s Volleyball team, I learned not only about his cultural perspective and what that entails, but more so how not everyone is fortunate enough to have some of the bare necessities that I mindlessly assumed everyone in the world had access to. I interviewed Edgardo Cartagena who was raised in the Dominican Republic for the majority of his life and he went to a small private Catholic school and managed to get a good education that prepared him for college here at Ball State University. However, there is a huge disparity between the quality of education between private and public schools to the point that societal expectations of those who graduate from private and public schools are on opposite sides on the spectrum. Those who graduate from private schools are expected to go on to further their academic success while…

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