Essay on The Baldrige Framework : An Organization

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The Baldrige framework was created as a way to improve an organization’s quality and to recognize its achievement. This framework leads organizations to identify the best practices guided by the feedback of experts. With that said, organizations can use this framework to align process, measurement and analysis, and strategic planning. Moreover, this can lead organizations to better decision-making, stronger leadership, and to great organizational success. Several organizations have used the Baldrige criteria to address challenges such as focusing on core competencies and establishing new partnerships. One organization that would greatly benefit from the Baldrige criteria is the VOZ organization. This criterion will provide VOZ with the ability to undertake self-assessment of their operations. It will help VOZ improve organizational performance practices, capabilities, results, facilitating communication and it will serve as working tool for understanding and managing performance and for guiding organizational planning and opportunities of learning. VOZ organization’s mission is to secure and protect day laborers or migrant workers’ rights through education, leadership and community organizing. Day laborers are usually abused and taken advantaged of by business owners, the Portland police, and the immigration services. As a result of this, day laborers came together to address these issues and, in doing so, were part of forming the VOZ Worker’s right movement. VOZ…

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