The Awakening Of The Lord ' S Sexual Presence Essay

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Comparatively, this statement parallels the Book of Thomas regarding searching for answers and upon finding the truth will primarily leave one Bewildered (2). If one grieves a great deal and becomes bewildered, then the discovery of this truth, in essence, must be presumably shocking – as it is! All past thoughts and viewpoints regarding one’s sexuality becomes insignificantly hollow and dwarfed. Certainly, a person’s sexual side contains a vast amount of self-worth and convictions for them; therefore, this discovery delivers a compelling blow to one’s sense of personality and knowledge of oneself. The recognition of God’s essence being at the control center of one’s sexual being might come ‘crashing down’ on a lifetime filled with lust driven actions and beliefs. Ultimately, this awareness of one’s legacy could generate grief, bewilderment and mourning for the loss of another place in time; memories and recollections may feel distorted and elusive now. The awakening of the LORD’S sexual presence occurs incredibly freeing on one hand, although perplexing to the mystification of it all, on the other. (Personally, numerous years ago upon my awakening, I can remember feeling surreal and essentially shocked at this reality of God’s sexual presence.)

Divine vs. Defiled Marriage

In due course, after a person’s “awakening,” to this profound knowledge of self, if pursued, another acquaintance to this deeper meaning transforms. As described in another Gnostic text, explains…

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