The Australia National Legal Systems Essay

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Diversity is commonly defined as the term for uniqueness of individuality, commonly observable through attribution in social-economic environment by means of demographic differences. In essence, it is the demographic diversity which is defined as the differences, or unlikeness (Stone 2006) of individuals whose observable and functional attributes differ from their peers, even in a homogenous environment. Demographic diversity is seen in people management, as the observable attributes of their backgrounds, ethnicity, age and gender all influences the decisions managers make in regards to how they conduct their approach towards diversity (Parochial, Ethnocentric or synergistic)

From the mid-1850s, Australian society has always been culturally heterogeneous (Wilkison & Cheng 1999), the degree of multiculturalism further required demographic management. Therefore, the Australia national legal systems incorporates demographic diversity of individuals with the apparent focus of reducing the inherent disadvantages of certain parts of Australia’s demographics, mainly women, and individuals with ethnic diversity, through legal recognition of complaints from certain social categories for the prevention of discrimination in businesses. This is seen in Section 18C of Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cwlth) and Sex Discrimination Act 1984(Cwlth) – Section 14, two major Australian workplace legislations for mitigation and elimination of discriminatory actions against women and…

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