The Attributes Of A Successful Health Leader Essay

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The attributes of a successful health leader must have a clear vision. They must be able to see beyond their current situation. Successful health leaders tend to have big goals and big dreams and are focused on achieving both (Gandolf, 2011). Leaders who earn the respect of the people they lead always walk their talk. Yet in healthcare practices, we often see one set of “rules” for the leaders and another for the rank-and-file employees (Gandolf, 2011).That contradiction often underlies many of the personnel problems that seem to continually confront struggling practices.
According to Dr. Sara J. Singer, MBA, PhD state, lives depend on the ability of health care leaders to enable practitioners to work together effectively and manage the increasingly complex systems in which care is delivered. To accomplish these aims, leaders must understand and transform organizational culture—the system of shared values, attitudes, and norms in an organization (Singer, MBA, PhD, 2013). To create a culture of excellence, it is of paramount importance that leaders understand the impact of globalization regardless of region or locality (Tierney, 2007). Leaders are required to effect changes to the new environment and get ready to immerse themselves in a new playing field. As our healthcare system changes so does our major global health issues that has impacted the U.S. health care systems. These changes also have a profound affected and influenced on our stakeholders.
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