The Attributes And Competencies Of Former Army Staff Sergeant

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the attributes and competencies of former Army Staff Sergeant (SSG) Ashley Kennedy. Most leaders impact their soldiers, but it is a much more impressive feat to leave a lasting impact on a generation of new leaders; SSG Kennedy accomplished that and more. Through his leadership successes and, to an extent, his personal failings, SSG Kennedy directly contributed to the growth of numerous soldiers who were eventually “handed the reigns” of the NCO Corps and whom “charged forward” to lead the Army of today. More specifically, SSG Kennedy directed affected my personal view of the competencies and attributes that an Army leader should embody and impacted my opinion of the legacy I wish to leave upon my end of service to our nation. Throughout this paper, I will explain the depth of SSG Kennedy’s impact on both the Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps and myself. SSG Kennedy was the physical embodiment of a soldier. Standing six feet tall and built like an ox, SSG Kennedy exuded professionalism and discipline through his presence alone. He often conducted impromptu inspections of his squad to ensure each and every soldier had proper military and professional bearing. Lack of attention to detail would lead to lengthy one-way conversations on how I fail as a human being. To avoid these conversations, I would diligently spend hours every evening preparing my uniform for the following duty day. SSG Kennedy firmly believed that everything…

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