The Atlantic Oce The Discovery Of The New World Essay

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The Atlantic Ocean allowed the discovery of continents possible and it is the main reason why we have diversity in the world. The food we eat, the language we learn to speak, the clothes we buy, and the education we obtain, come from all parts of the world. How and who allowed trade and communication among other continents happen? History back in 1492, Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese set sail across the Atlantic ocean. The expedition resulted in the discovery of the New World and Africa. The discovery of new land and people led to integration and exchange ideas and commodities. Europeans were able to expand power, claiming possession on the new land. The Atlantic world not only transformed economic aspects, but it also impacted social aspects. Traveling through the Atlantic, Europeans were able to exploit Africans starting the African slave trade, they also brought with them diseases that killed the majority of the Native American population. The Atlantic world between the 16th and 19th century caused trade, interaction, and exchange of ideas between continents. However, it was also responsible for the decline of Native American population, the start of slavery, and bloody revolutions for nation independence. Although Europe was not the first to discover the New world, they were able to claim the land first. Zheng He from China, sailed to conquer the world almost a century before Columbus did. He had reached most of east Africa and encountered many Arab traders.…

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