The At The Blue Diamond Step Team, The Minority Association For Pre Health Students

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One goal I have for my freshman year is to succeed in my introductory courses. I do not want to just pass each course; I want to really understand the content and nature of each subject that I am currently taking because each course after the fall quarter builds upon the previous one. My goal GPA is 3.5 or better to be on par for medical school acceptance. I hope to become involved in research this year. I plan to apply to the STARS Scholars Program. I also applied as an undergraduate lab research assistant position for federal work study. I would like to become involved and campus life and join a few extracurricular activities. I intend to join the Blue Diamond Step Team, the Minority Association for Pre-Health Students, and HerCampus Drexel. Panhellenic Recruitment ended last week and I decided not to participate until I am completely acclimated to college life. I plan to participate in informal recruitment during the spring and join Greek life. I am also currently a new Lindy Scholar advisor and hope to contribute as much service as possible this year. I feel pretty confident in my ability to achieve these goals. During this summer, I participated in the Dragon Scholars Program here at Drexel. I was taught by Professor Sa’eed Abdul - Khabeer, Professor Jude Miller, Professor Jason Aran, and Dr. Hoefling with the assistance of past scholars as peer mentors. The summer program prepared for my transition from high school to college. I was introduced early to the level of…

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