A Career As A Probation Officer

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Probations has always been a career that has interested me, and today is the career that I am in the pursuit of. The whole essence of the career is based on the desire to help others, even if those that need help are unwilling to receive it. Probation and parole is an incredibly important aspect of the criminal justice system, as it is meant to be a form of rehabilitation provided for offenders who have either been released from incarceration, or who are at risk of becoming incarcerated. How does an individual become a probation officer? What does it take to be able to succeed within the career? And how should a student prepare?

One of the key pieces to working in probations and parole, is to know what the prospects
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Despite this I have no worries that this will affect my chances of getting a career as a probation officer. When one is to meet with a probation officer, it is typically because they have committed an offense in the eyes of the law, and instead of having jail time, they are required to follow the rules of behavior for their probation or parole; such as not leaving the county, reporting for meetings with their officer, and following a set of guidelines that the courts or parole board may give …show more content…
These courses will primarily focus on my satisfying my Criminal Justice major, and the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. These classes teach research methods, history, and theories of Criminal Justice, while also giving me a diverse education, both nationally and abroad. For my major, I plan to take at least two Criminal Justice classes per semester, in an attempt to meet the requirements set by the department. I also wish to take as many classes as possible to push forward, and hopefully to graduate as soon as possible. Along with pushing myself to succeed in my classes, I also want to be able to take part in internships to get a hands on experience of what it really is that I am getting myself into. This is because despite taking classes and researching a career, I feel that it is never completely know what one is signing themselves up for, until they have actually done the tasks that is required of the job. I also plan on doing volunteer work and possibly finding a part-time job at the Albany County Detention Center while I attend school. I feel that these will also support me along my path to

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