The Aspects Of Gender And Gender Role In Society

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Since the day we are born, we are appointed a gender, whether it’s a boy or a girl. Society then set rules for us based on our sex. Society has certain expectation for us, but does not have the same prospect for everyone. There are certain assumption for everyone, whether they are man, woman, children, young, old, or what ethnicity they are. The emotions and actions of man and woman that are acceptable or unacceptable are called “sex role” (McCubbin and Dahl. 1985). For different sex, they have to behave, look, and live a certain way in order to be accepted by society. Social expectation for man are to be a leader, powerful yet simple, and confident.
Social desire for man are to be a leader. They are supposed to lead the people or be a leader to their family. In the comic strip, family tree, it shows that man are the strong one and already the leader, woman are considered weak (Addams. 28 April, 2011). Lady are viewed as weak and cannot take in a
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They are the strong and tough one so they are not suppose to care about what they wear or what people care of them. So often, they would try to keep their thought to himself because they don’t want to embarrass themselves. Chu stated, “...[they] want to be held, but not in front of other people”. Even when they want to do something, they want to also look bold and want other people to see them as a strong and confident. Society see them as weak and different when they concerned about their appearance and how they dress. People in society except man to be manly, and shouldn’t be worry about fashion or what people think of them (Piccolo. 2009 Jan. 18). Society consider men to be powerless and diverse when they shared their feeling, talk about things that they are not suppose to talk about, such as fashion or fabric and wear clothes that they are not suppose to wear. Society look at them differently when they act, talk, or like certain things that they are not suppose

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