Analysis: My Personality Is A High As My Heels

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Ziaira Norman
March 21, 2015
English 1013
Concept Essay
“My Personality is a High as My Heels”
In a generation where image has become the focus of everything; school, media, and everywhere else, it can be hard to resist the pressure of wanting to fit in. People are judged by not only their clothing but also the price tag of the designer displayed on their clothing. Not all teens are affected by the image that certain clothing brings, from some it is hobby to stay up to date with current fashion trends, and it is a part of their passion , it something that they enjoy and is less of a representation of their status. Many times the need to keep up with the latest fashion comes from wanting to fit in.How does one express their personality through
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It is the trends that are set by stars, that tend to set the trend for outer society who are not apart of the fame bracket. In the girl world if a girl does not have the perfect body, or hair, they try to fit in with their clothing. When someone is recognized as wearing the same clothes and fashion style of celebrities, people then associate them with popularity and wealth. People are judged not only on their ability to properly execute a certain style, but also by their economic ability to purchase the certain style. “Teens are influenced by celebrities and they look to them for inspiration, not just for special occasions like prom and homecoming, but just for everyday school looks,” says Yesenia Almonte a fashion director at Seventeen Magazine (Almonte) .Because of their successes, and their recognition by society, they are looked up on. These people are viewed as successful and flawless. Teens want to be like celebrities because they get everything they want and have everything you wish you had. When someone has something that a celebrity is seen with, they begin to become accepted. People think this means they are wealthy, it gives them close association. It may because they can identify with what another person has. Many teens have an image in their head of what and who they want to …show more content…
“We all have a built in set of personal values. If we lose touch with those values, we lose touch with our true self. When we violate those values, we violate our relationship with the person that we really are. To truly be yourself, it is vital that you identify those values and make every effort to live by them” (Wells). People shouldn’t necessarily make assumptions about the feelings and emotions of another person based on their clothing though. “When a teenager is confident, she can accept the things that she can 't change, such as certain abilities. She is better able to recognize the things that she can change. What 's more, when she recognizes what she can change, she is better able to tackle any obstacles in her path, overcome those obstacles and achieve her goal. We’ve seen this shown through her everyday life. She shows it through her clothing, speech, and overall being” (Mayberry). When someone first meets someone the first thing they see their clothing, instantly they begin to make perceptions, People have the power to wear items that represent their personalities and feelings. “With that being said, who knows how other people will interpret it. We make judgments/assumptions based on our own experiences. Bottom line: I would be careful to assume one’s feelings based on what they wear. To a certain extent, you can read

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