The As A Nonviolent Presence Essay

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The movie progresses to depict the imminent threat of war and the monks are forced to decide whether to leave the community they love or to flee and seek safety elsewhere. The head monk, Christian, initially decides that the entire convent will stay and refuses to enlist an army for protection. St. Benedict summarized Christian’s decision to stay as a nonviolent presence in the community as “Let the leader strive to be loved rather than feared” (Article 8 (2472)). Another factor in Christian’s decision is his belief that Christ endured the ultimate persecution and rejection without violence, aggression or condemnation of his persecutors throughout the Passion Story (Mathew [26:67], Mark [15:16-20], Luke [23:35] and John [19:1-3]). Thus nonviolence is important in developing the Jesus virtue of Love. However, the decision to remain without protection leads one to question how the monks will respond if the terrorists threaten them? Further analysis of the Passion story, in particular Luke [22:49-51], where Jesus heals the high priest servant’s ear and rebukes his disciples, “No more of this!” answers this proposed question. Jesus’ refusal of violence and weapons in all situations clearly exemplifies how to love. Thus, when the monks are threatened with persecution and violence, they respond by following Jesus’ example of love. As the terrorists approach the monastery, the monks emphasize the key principle of Jesus-nonviolence. Nonviolence as an embodiment of the virtue of love…

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