Dbq 19 World War 1 Essay

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•nationalistic desire to defend their mother country Britain. Some Canadians thought the war would be over by christmas and many thought it was a extensive way to escape financial issues. Many men were influenced by others joining

•At first Families thought the war would on last a couple of months

•Families were unwilling to send more young men out to war, knowing that they may not return or how much longer the battle would continue

•Canadians thought they had already contributed enough food, supplies , men and money to the war. But some thought that it was their patriotic duty to help serve their country.

•At the outset of the war Borden promised that their would be no conscription for overseas services

•Prime mInister Borden
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Conscription was not simply an English / French issue however, as farmers from across the country, especially in the prairie provinces, resisted mandated service, fearing that their livelihood would be lost if young men were forced to leave the family farm.

•Pacifists did not want to be forced to fight in a war because they felt that violence wasn’t the solution to this international problem.

•Military Voters Act Law that extended the right to vote to all men and women in the Canadian expeditionary force

•David Lloyd, the british prime minister convinced Borden that the war had to be won so he thought of conscription

•Henri borussia was quebec nationalist who led an anti-conscription. He believed that WW1 had little to do with canada and that lot’s of soldiers and money was already spent. If more was given to the war canada's economic future would be endangered and decrease the country's autonomy. Therefore canadians should not be forced to fight in a foreign war

•Many farmers opposed conscription as they were struggling to bring in crops for the war effort and they could not spare their remaining sons or young hired workers.

•Industrial workers felt they were already contributing to the war effort, didn’t want to give up

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