The Relationship Between The French And English Canada Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The English Canadians did not believe the French Canadians were providing a fair share to the war effort. The French Canadians believed they owed no loyalty to Britain or France so they were against the conscription. This lead to raised cost of living and created social unrest, ultimately destroying the very essence of national unity between the French and English Canadians. The English Canadians were close with and in support of the British Empire so they were for the conscription, as they wanted to help. The conscription allowed Canada to defend Great Britain as they had wanted, but it severed any ties between the French and English Canadians leading to war within Canada. The most important part of the Military Services Act was the French Canadians response to the conscription as it is what sparked the cause of war in Canada. The enthusiasm the English Canadians had with helping Britain with the war was not shared by the French Canadians, leading to two of the same nations having severe hatred towards each …show more content…
Males were forced to leave their families and their lifestyle, which they chose and made for themselves and go to war to fight even if they did not want to. Borden, after visiting Britain for a meeting of First Ministers, announced that he would be introducing the Military Services Act. This allowed him to conscript men across the country if he felt that it was necessary. Borden now had control of who was going to fight and who wasn’t, giving the people no say. The conscription had to be instituted as the casualties of the war outstripped the volunteers. Local boards that had very uneven standards controlled the conscription and dealt with all types of males from ages 18-51. Not only did this method not secure a strong army as the members were picked randomly, but it also took away the males freedoms for their say in whether they wanted to fight or not. It also made it easier for warmonger leaders to send the young males off to death, knowing it is guaranteed they have to tools to do

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