Essay on The Articles Of The Constitution

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Professor Amanda Martin
Number 1
The Articles of the Confederation is the first constitution in united states which created the central government with limited powers. Under this law United States implemented a unicameral legislature which is known as the congress of confederation. This law protects people from the tyranny. Later it was replaced by the constitution in 1778.this article were the nation’s first effort at republican government but many political leader thought that it was too limited in its power to solve. Shays rebellion prompted the political leaders to revise The Articles of Confederation and this lead to the constitution.
The Article of Confederation has many weaknesses over the strength. The power that was not enough which was given to the continental congress stop from developing the federal government. The Article of Confederation gave congress the power of passing laws but no power to make effective those laws. If a state did not approve or agree a federal law, that state can refuse the law. Congress has no amount of money that must be paid and collected by government to pay taxes or regulate trade so the tariff was rejected. So, the government ended up with printing the money that results in inflation.
It did not allowed congress the ability to make the troops in which it leave the united states weak. Congress did not get the will to direct interstate commerce or stop states from printing their own money. The tax burden was hit to those who got…

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