Political, Social, And Economic Continuities And Changes During The American Revolution

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1.As you read the chapter, create a chart of political, social and economic continuities and changes during the war. Based on this chart you create, answer the questions: How revolutionary was the American Revolution? What political, social, and economic changes did it produce and what stayed the same? I will not collect the chart, but it is a good way to organize your thoughts as you look at political, social and economic events during the war and how things stayed the same or changed. For more information on what change and continuity might mean, please read in the introduction section of your book pg. xxxix-xl “Patterns of continuity and change” .

Due to the American Revolution there were many continuities and changes politically, economically,
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Because the whole point of the Revolutionary War was for America to separate from the British monarchy, the Americans did not want a repeat of that situation with one central government in control. The colonists had been put through misery due to Britain’s unfair taxes, and restrictive and oppressive acts. When considering all this the Articles of Confederation made sense because they American did not want to have another central government which did exactly what the British did to them. Also the Articles gave each colony sovereignty which basically meant that each colony was like a country with their own government. Secondly, the Articles of Confederation made sense at the time because it gave colonists what they wanted which helped keep them under control. Furthemore, the Articles created the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The former would lay the foundation of the public education system, and the latter started the first abolishment of slavery and also set a precedent that new states would be admitted on the basis of equality. This was important at a time where colonists want freedom and equality, as well as the opportunity (they would expand with new states instead of expanding old ones). Also it increased westward expansion which was something they could not do during when they were tied with British due to the Proclamation of 1763. Due to the motives behind the Revolutionary War as well as the Northwest Ordinance were two reasons why the Articles made sense. However, even though the Articles of Confederation seemed viable at the time, the Constitution was a much superior. Even though the US Constitution took away power from the state governments, it did not give all power to one specific hours. Instead it gave power to separate branches which all had the ability to check the powers of the other branches. This made

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